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Upcoming Events
DateTimeEvent Description
Nov 22 9:30amWinter Concert Dress Rehearsal (mandatory for band members)
Nov 23 2pmWinter Concert - SMHS
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Pictures, Music & other new stuff
See videos from the Pops Band performance at Santa Barbara Community Church.

See pictures from the band potluck picnic.

Hear Music and see videos and pictures from Stow House.

Hear music from the 2014 Summer Concert.

Read about Nick Rail in a well-respected industry magazine article.

See photos & videos from the 2014 4th of July Parade Pops Band performance.

Meet the Band
Did you ever wonder who that person is across the practice room from you but never introduced yourself? Now we've taken the first step for you: you can see faces together with names all organized by section.
If you want to change your picture please send the webmaster a JPG image that is at least 2 inches square. Use the "webmaster" link below.
PTB's Liszt (last updated on 8/15//2014)
The PTB has a bulletin board that our members can use to post items of interest to the entire band. These items are not necessary for the successful operation of the band so they are not disseminated through emails to all band members.
To post an item to the PTB's Liszt (think Craig's List) send the title and the text you want posted to the webmaster. Examples of potential items are:
  • Volunteers needed
  • free stuff
  • things for sale
Lost and Found
After our summer concert we found a lovely silver bracelet that we would like to return to its owner. If you, a family member, a friend or a friend of a friend has lost this bracelet please contact John Calder at and briefly describe the item.
Sectionals are held from 6:30pm-8pm on Tuesday nights next to the band room.
This is the schedule:
Jul 29Trumpet
Aug 5Alto Sax
Aug 12Flute
Aug 19Stow House
Aug 26Clarinet
Sep 2Tenor Sax
Sep 9Pops Band
Sep 16Band Pot Luck
Sep 23Bassoon/Low Brass/Low WW
Sep 30Trombone
Oct 7Euphonium
Oct 14Flute
Oct 21Trumpet
Oct 28TBA
Nov 4TBA
Nov 11TBA
Your Music Library
How to simplify your music library in 3 easy steps:
This list of "old favorites" and the current list of concert music which we will be rehearsing for the next few weeks, is ALL the music you need. Any and all other music can be turned in on Tuesdays - just find the large clear bin on the table near the piano. If you do not have some of the "oldies",no need to rush into the room and copy the music. We will not be using this music for months to come.

Keep this music in your music library
America, the Beautiful
Armed Forces Salute
Benny Goodman
Big Band Polka
Buglers Holiday
Dixieland Jamboree
Glenn Miller
Golden Age of Broadway
God Bless America
Instant Concert
King Cotton
Marches of Armed Forces
Mary Poppins
Original Dixieland Concerto
Riders of the Flag
Semper Fi
76 Trombones
Stars and Stripes
Star Spangled Banner
Swing’s the Thing
Themes Like Old Times
Washington Post March
You’re a Grand Old Flag (July 4th parade)

Plus keep this music for the November concert:
Ritual Fire Dance
A Bernstein Tribute
Academic Festival Overture
The Trombone King
Across the Great Divide
Second Suite in F
Arabian Dances
Big Band Spectacular
Whistler and His Dog
Achilles' Wrath
Deir'in De

Summer Concert - Wonderful performance
We had another top-notch performance today! Thanks for your patience at the beginning as Radu tried to trouble-shoot that phantom sound. I thought you had a confident approach to your playing that paid dividends in your performance in both halves. We had few shaky moments, but even those we negotiated without too much stress. Thanks again to Marguerite for bringing me on board with Amazing Grace, I know our audience really appreciated our efforts.

We had many exciting moments and so far Wizard of Oz was the favorite of those I chatted with. Interesting to hear your family/friends reactions.
- Jeff
Rehearsal Announcements
From time to time we all have important things we want to say to the band during our rehearsal break. We are a large and diverse group so it seems reasonable to have some type of guidelines concerning these announcements.
The Board of Directors recently adopted a policy that is currently in force. Please read this policy.
Pops Band Conductor - SB Community Church 
Thank you for coming out in the heat and putting on another great performance tonight at the Santa Barbara community Church! We started and ended together with a few little blips in between. I thought our new additions went well and we will keep them in the rotation. Lee and the other church members were very appreciative of our performance.

Stay cool these next couple of days! Have fun at your picnic tomorrow. Sadly, I have Back to School night and will be unable to attend.

With gratitude - Karen

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