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Van and the PTB receive Media coverage in the Calvin College Alumni Magazine.

Van, Lorraine and some charter members
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PTB's Liszt - Our Bulletin Board
PTB's Liszt (Think Craig's List) is our bulletin board. We use this bulletin board to convey information that is of general interest to our band members but is not related to band operation.
To post an item to the PTB's Liszt (Craig's List) send the title and the text you want posted to the webmaster. Examples of potential items are:
  • Volunteers needed
  • free stuff
  • things for sale
Tribute to Robin Williams
Posted on 8/15/2014 by Eileen Francis
Eileen was inspired to write this poem to remember Robin Williams, actor and comedian, who recently passed away.

What retired guys do........
Posted on 3/7/2014 by Mary Jane Cooper
Need any amusing material for the website? Here it is!


Mary Jane
Coupon Clippers
Posted on 4/2/2013 by BoomerLou

Dear PTB Coupon Clippers:

Just an update on the program. Most of you have noticed the little basket on the front table where folks can put manufacturers’ coupons, usually gathered from Sunday newspapers. We are enrolled in a program to send these coupons to various military bases overseas who have signed up for it and have the volunteer staff to support it. These coupons (both for food and non-food items) can be used by the families on the base and allows them to stretch their household budgets. We’ve been in the program since 2009.

We are currently supporting four US Army bases in Germany: Illesheim AST, Schweinfrut ACS, Grafenwhoer ACS, and Bamberg ACS. Your donations of coupons are divided evenly among them and are mailed about once a month. It takes 3-4 weeks for them to arrive at the bases and we receive an acknowledgement that they have arrived.

They are very appreciative of the donations and we receive Christmas cards and email notes thanking us. In the January packages, I sent them one of our Winter CDs and they loved them! Here is one of the replies:

“I opened up the envelope of coupons you sent and I was surprised to find a CD enclosed. I'm listening to it right now while I sort through the coupons and I'm enjoying every bit! Thank you very much for sending both the coupons and CD. I appreciate your time and effort.

Lauren Moderow”

In 2011, we sent a total dollar amount of $32,827 and in 2012 we sent coupons worth $40,198. Thank you so much for your generosity.

We can accept any coupons except those for specific stores (such as Target). It is helpful if you can clip them, as we have to divide them up into classifications before sending them, but if you can’t, that’s OK.

Thanks again BoomerLou

Jazz for Cows
Posted on 11/30/2011 by Al Hanson
Please pass this on to all the PTB band members. Especially the lower brass!


Al Hanson
Central Coast Blast of Winds
Posted on 6/12/2012 by John Ritchie
California’s Central Coast offers a variety of wind band performances, but finding out about them can be challenging.

This is a list of all upcoming concerts within 200 miles of San Luis Obispo, California.

We hope this list and calendar will make it easy to find the kind of music that you enjoy.
Volunteer Tutors Needed
Posted on 10/29/2011 by Jeff Peterson
I am looking for some volunteer tutors for my mixed Adv./Beg. Band class (12:40 - 1:30). Heather McBride is going to be coming over on Wednesdays to work with some of my Beg. flutes but the other sections that need help are: clarinet, trumpet, and baritone (and drums, of course!).

Karen Dutton
Instrumental Music Director
Santa Barbara Junior High
(805) 963-7751 ex. 139
The NHIMA Web Site Is Redesigned
Posted on 12/13/2011 by Toni Straka

John Morgan, our webmaster, took on the challenging task of redesigning the web site for multiple purposes - and spectacularly succeeded!

The site is visually pleasing, easy to navigate, and useful to the mixed audience who access it. Whether you are new and seeking general information, or an established member who needs a band camp date, or a director looking for music, the info is readily here for you.

Get started by accessing the home page

Note the ease of navigation to any part of our extensive web site. For example, you can easily get to a list of music played in concert by many New Horizons Groups, or items wanted or for sale and on and on.

Browse around the web site and note the good information for you and all the wonderful things about this Association.

PTB Tote Bags for Sale
Posted on 11/12/2011 by Heather McBride
I am selling beautiful tot bags containing the new PTB logo. Please see me for details

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