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Van and the PTB receive Media coverage in the Calvin College Alumni Magazine.

Van, Lorraine and some charter members
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How the Band Started
The band began when George Pendergast, a retired tour bus driver, read about the New Horizon Band of Rochester, NY. He contacted their director, Roy Ernst, who suggested that a band be started in Santa Barbara. George knew immediately who should lead the new band. Van (J.B.) Vander Ark, his son's former music teacher, had been a long-time teacher at La Colina Junior High School and was recently retired. When presented with the idea, Van was very interested. They contacted Nick Rail, of Nick Rail Music, who agreed to become the band sponsor. Nick Rail Music underwrote the costs of the band for the first few months. Lorraine Vander Ark (Van’s wife) also assisted and has served as Band Manager since the beginning. All of them began the job of organizing and getting the word out to the community.
 First Meetings
The band first met during August, 1995. Thirty-three people showed up at the first rehearsal. Of these, about one-half had never played an instrument before. Other players were resuming after a hiatus of 30 to 50+ years. Another group thought this was an opportunity to learn to play a new instrument - one they had always wanted to play.
 The Band Name
Bands associated with the New Horizon Band of Rochester, NY, are usually also named "New Horizon." However, a local name conflict caused the band to be named The Prime Time 50+ Dream Band. In 1999, in anticipation of the structural change, the name was shortened to Prime Time Band.
 Other Leadership
Jim Mooy acted as assistant director from the beginning. He also works with the brass section. Several local elementary music teachers also assisted when the band began. Jim Mooy left the band in 1999 as a result of new commitments.
Olga Weddle began assisting the woodwinds in 1997. In 1998 she became director of the beginning band (now the Silver Band). She conducted the band until she left the area in August, 2002
Jeff Peterson began substituting for both Van and Olga in 2001. In August of 2002 he took over leadership of the Silver Band. In January 2005, he became conductor of the Prime Time Band, replacing Van, thus becoming the band's second conductor.
Joceyln Tipple took over leadership of the Silver Band in January 2005 from Jeff. She is the third conductor for this band.
 The First Concert
The first Winter Concert, now an annual event, was held in December, 1995, in the auditorium at La Colina Junior High School. This was a real switch. The "kids" and grandkids were coming to hear and support their parents and grandparents. There were about 50 participants playing in the first concert.
 Media Attention
A Santa Barbara News-Press article in January, 1996, increased the community’s awareness of the new band – resulting in an influx of new players. As word of this new senior band spread, the band continued to grow – until it reached its current size of about 90 participants. The Silver Band (renamed from the Beginning Band in January, 2000) has approximately 40 participants - some of whom play in both bands. In 2001, the Silver Band added education to its mission. As a result, the band has played at numerous schools in community, assists with the Goleta Valley Junior High band recruitment program as well as playing concerts in various homes for Seniors in the area. Read more. . .
 Ongoing History
Fall 1999Jim Mooy left the band due to expanded teaching duties at Santa Barbara City College.
January 2000The Beginning Band was renamed the Prime Time Silver Band. It has taken on a mission of providing educational concerts at local elementary and pre-schools as well as performing some concerts for the general public.
August 2002Olga Weddle and her family left for Turlock, California. Jeffrey Peterson, music teacher at Goleta Valley Junior High, has replaced her as the new conductor. Jeffrey has become familiar with both bands over the past few years by serving as a substitute conductor.
January 2005J.B. Vander Ark retired from his position as Executive Director of the Prime Time Band organization and as conductor of the Prime Time Band. The band honored him with a retirement dinner in December 2004 and during his final concert conducting the Prime Time Band. We all wish him well with his (second) retirement. Jeffrey Peterson, conductor of the Prime Time Silver Band since 2002, became the conductor of the Prime Time Band. Joceyln Tipple has become the conductor of the Prime Time Silver Band.
June 2005The Primeaires, a new vocal group, became an addition to the Prime Time Band. They made their debut at the June, 2005, concert at San Marcos High School. The group sings musical numbers arranged vocal groups with accompaniment by a concert band. Dick Curtis began the voluntary group. Members of the vocal group are also band members. They rehearse independently from the band until a concert nears. They plan to become a regular part of the two major concerts given by the Prime Time Band conducted by Jeffrey Peterson in June and December.
September 2005The name "Silver" was eliminated from the Prime Time Band Monday practice group. Henceforth, both bands will be the Prime Time Band. There is a Monday practice group led by Jocelyn Tipple and a Tuesday practice group led by Jeffrey Peterson. Additionally, it was decided that after one year of playing with the Monday band, players may play in the Tuesday band, should they desire. The time may be less by invitation from Mr. Peterson.
September 2006The Monday band was dissolved effective September 1. The remaining band members joined the Tuesday Band.
Prime Time Band Hosts Band Camps
March 2002The Prime Time Band played host to over 100 New Horizon band members from around the United States at Cambria Pines Resort in Cambria, CA. It was a fun week for everyone. The weather was beautiful all week. A number of people visited the Elephant seals near Hearst Castle.

Band members were able to meet many new seniors interested in playing concert music as well as practice new songs. Roy Ernst from the Eastman School of Music, Rochester (NY) who started the New Horizon Bands was as conductor as well as Prime Time Band's J.B. Vander Ark, Ron Phillips from Carefree, Arizona, and James Kalyn from the North Carolina School of the Arts. The musicians were able to enjoy and practice a wide variety of music under very professional leadership.

March 2004Because the first Cambria Pines Band Camp was so well received, another followed in March of 2004. (See 2004 pictures for more information)
March 2006A third Cambria Pines Band Camp was held in March, 2006.
March 2010A fourth Cambria Pines Band Camp was held in March, 2010.

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