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Van and the PTB receive Media coverage in the Calvin College Alumni Magazine.

Van, Lorraine and some charter members
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Band Name History

As the Prime Time Band improved and played more complex music, it became more and more difficult for people with no prior playing experience to get started. It was impossible to provide the beginners with the attention they needed.

1996: First Beginning Band

The first Beginning Band began in January, 1996. It started as a result of the influx of new players due to the Santa Barbara News-Press article about the Prime Time Band. However, the new players quickly joined the main band, which was still within its first year of playing together.

1997: Second Beginning Band: 1997

The second Beginning Band was started in January 1997. It met in the time period just prior to the main band practice. This timing was not practical. The idea was abandoned in a few months, and the new players became participants in the main band.

After Roy Ernst's (New Horizon's Leader) visit in 1998, it was decided to try again to start a beginning band. This time a separate evening was selected for its meeting.

1998: Beginning Band

A third Beginning Band was started in the fall of 1998 on Monday nights at the Trinity Baptist Church. Because of the band's size it moved to LaColina Jr. High in April, 1999. Olga Weddle has directed the Beginning Band (now the Silver Band) since it started.

2000: The Prime Time Silver Band with a New Mission

Because the 1998 band has grown in skills and musicianship, it is no longer a true beginning band. It was renamed in January, 2000, to the Prime Time Silver Band. The band also decided to take on the mission of providing educational programs for local elementary schools. It also performs community concerts on a regular basis.

2002: The Prime Time Silver Band gets a New Conductor.

Olga Weddle and her family relocated in August, 2002. Jeffrey Peterson, who has become familiar to both bands because he substituted for both Van and Olga during their absences, has replaced Olga as conductor of the Silver Band. The Silver Band had a farewell party for her. The Prime Time Band Organization appreciated her service with the band & presented her with a gift from both bands. The Silver Band prepared an album of pictures and momentos to show their appreciation. Jeff made a smooth transition as the new conductor.

2005: Jocelyn Tipple leads PT Silver Band

The Silver Band gained a new leader, Jocelyn Tipple, in January, 2005, when Jeffrey Peterson became the conductor of the Prime Time Band, replacing Van (J.B.) Vander Ark upon his retirement.

2005: Silver Band now Prime Time Band

At the September, 2005, meeting, the Board of Directors decided to eliminate the name "Silver" from the group that rehearses under Jocelyn Tipple. Now, both bands will be the Prime Time Band. The Tuesday Prime Time Band is conducted by Jeffrey Peterson, the Monday Prime Time Band is conducted by Jocelyn Tipple. Additionally, it was decided that members who have played with the Prime Time Monday Band may join the Tuesday band, if they desire, after completing one year with the Monday band. This time may be shortened by invitation at the discretion of Mr. Peterson.

2006: Prime Time Band (Monday Rehearsal)

The Board of Directors decided to disband the Monday band effective September 1, 2006.

2007: Prime Time "Pops" Band:

This band is conducted by J. B. (Van) Vander Ark and plays at smaller venues such as Senior residences, etc. where the main band is too large. The players are all part of the Prime Time Band.

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