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Van and the PTB receive Media coverage in the Calvin College Alumni Magazine.

Van, Lorraine and some charter members
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ABCD Awards (Above and Beyond the Call of Duty)

Many of our members and volunteers (Band Aides) regularly put in a special effort to ensure that all band members and our fans will have an outstanding experience. We recognize these efforts by awarding the "Above and Beyond the Call of Duty" award, shortened to ABCD award, when we feel it is appropriate. The award is usually presented in front of the band because the band is the group that will most appreciate the efforts.

Presentations usually occur at a dress rehearsal before a concert but can occur anytime the board of directors feels it is appropriate.

Below are the recipients.

Peter West
Karen Dutton
Alison Krueger
Jeff Peterson
Dick Prato
Stephen Hughes
David Ortiz
Marguerite Amer
Bill Callahan
Toni Straka
J. B. Vander Ark
Merna McClenathen
Vicki Kennedy
Lou Dartanner
Al Reichel
Jim Harvey
Mary Jane Cooper
John Calder
Dick Nielsen
Radu Azdril
Dick Curtis
Chuck Lawrance
Richard Landru
John Ritchie
Linda Baumann
Nick Rail
Bob Young
Al Hanson

The ABCD Award replaced the certificates of recognition program. This program was active in 2006 and 2007.

Band members and volunteers recognized under that program are:

Vicki Kennedy
Dick Curtis
Ed Miller
Lou Dartanner
Bob Young
Dick Nielsen
Lorraine Vander Ark

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